One Hand Powered Mobile Crane

Summary This project about one hand powered mobile crane was designed. Base, vertical column, boom and hook are designed for hand powered mobile crane. InRead More

Just Begins

Just Begins

In this article, we examined Faruk Eczacıbaşı’s book “Just Begins”. I took notes of the sections that I think are critical about the book below.AlthoughRead More

Conveyor Design and Analysis

Conveyors Design   This article is about Conveyor design and analysis.3 conveyors are thought to carry the rear drum and discs to make the productionRead More

Optical Sensor

Optical Sensor Light phenomena such as reflection, refraction, absorption, interference, polarization, and speed are the powerful utensils in a sensor designer’s toolbox. Optical components helpRead More


SWOT Analysis

Swot analysis is a technique that examines the corporate structure with a number of criteria, and modern business management use always.Your company’s corporate operability, competitiveness, positionRead More

Automation PLC

Industrial Automation PLC

YILDIZ TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Department of Mechatronics Engineering Lecture : MKT4152 Industrial Automation Year/Semester : 2017 – 2018 Spring Lecturer :  Dr. N. Bennet What isRead More

1984-George Orwell

1984 George Orwell

In this article, we discussed the 1984 book of George Orwell’s utopia British socialism. Although the book mentions England in 1984, it has foreseen manyRead More



In this article, we discussed the book of Howard Schultz’s Pour Your Heart into It.Below are the notes of the chapters that I think are criticalRead More