SWOT Analysis


Swot analysis is a technique that examines the corporate structure with a number of criteria, and modern business management use always.Your company's corporate operability, competitiveness, position in the sector, presence of external threats in the market etc. such as inside and outside, it is one of the most effective evaluation methods.

S: Strength (It means identifying the strengths of the organization).

W: Weakness (It means identifying places where the organization is weak).

O: Opportunity (refers to the opportunities of the Organization.)

T: Threat (means threats and dangers facing the organization)

In the following, the SWOT analysis of KEPSAS - Kukuloglu Electrical Machinery Industry Corporation is given and the SWOT analysis is try to explain.

KEPSAS - Kukuloglu Electrical Machinery Industry Corporation

Managers : Tunahan Vatansever, Muhammed Alpaslan Sipahi

Products : Electric tractor, electric agricultural machinery

Purpose : Manufacture of agricultural machinery such as tractor, water motor and mower used in agriculture

Electric Tractor

electric tractor


  • Our team had previously worked on electric vehicles.
  • People in the team work together before they know each other well.
  • Good relations with subcontractors working on this business.
  • Our team has experience in advanced software systems and autonomous work.


  • The level of institutionalization of the firm is not at the desired level.
  • We cannot follow the world literature because we do not have a foreign language.
  • Not having knowledge of the standards of electric motors in America, Europe and Asia.


  • Low electricity usage tax
  • State support to the technology to be produced.
  • Agriculture is more than the population living with.
  • The trend of the world as an electric motor.


  • Traditionally used vehicles contain fossil fuel-powered internal combustion engines
  • Battery and solar panel technology consist of inefficient and expensive due to undeveloped domestic product in Turkey
  • Cost of importation of batteries required for high load engines.
  • Unit  labor cost is higher than Asian countries. 


1-Export denominator is low in local and global market

2-Low international recognation

3-No overseas office 





1-Marketing insufficiency

  • Low amount of financing allocated to marketing department
  • Failure to provide qualified personnel to the marketing department


2-Compliance with international standarts

  • No designs conforming to ISO, DIN and ANSI standarts
  • The produced do not comply with the machines in the importing contry


3-Lack of foreign language level

  • Difficulty in presentation at international fairs
  • Communication problem with customer-importer in a possible problem


4-Lack of capital

  • Lack of resources for continuous improvement
  • Risk of falling behind domestic and foreign competitors

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